Rediscovering the True Wonder of Christmas

 Advent begins on Sunday, November 27th, and we will start a new Advent program, The Wonder of Christmas. This program explores four elements of the Christmas story that teach us about the wonder of God’s great love for us:

  1. a star
  2. a name
  3. a manger
  4. a promise

As we look to these wonder-filled aspects of the Christmas story, we will rediscover that the true wonder of Christmas is found in the love of Christ and made real in our hearts when we share that love with others.

This transformational program will include special sermons and worship experiences, as well as study groups for adults, youth, and children. Join us this Advent as we embrace and celebrate the true wonder of Christmas, believing that because of God’s great love and light in Jesus Christ, anything is possible!

Prices for the study material are as follows:

The Wonder of Christmas Book- $10.04

The Wonder of Christmas Devotional- $6.69

The Wonder of Christmas Youth Study Guide- $9.99

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