This week we begin a new four week sermon  series called Facing the Unknown. This series will explore what it means to face an uncertain future. The series will focus on Abraham, only imagine him in a modern setting not one set 3000 years ago.

This week, the focus is on God’s Call to Abraham. Imagine if God called you to leave all you are familiar with behind and begin anew.  How might you approach this challenge? How have you approached it in the past? ?  In what ways were you able to put yourself  in his shoes, or in Sarah’s shoes for that matter?

My challenge to you this week, consider  surrounding yourself with “altars” that remind you of the spiritual journey you’ve been given. It could a photo , a drawing, a Bible,  special gift, letter, or countless other things. Then allow these reminders  to encourage your faith.

Scripture Readings for this Week:

OLD TESTAMENT:     Genesis 12:1-4

NEW TESTAMENT:     Romans 4: 19-22

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