Remember my challenge this past week consider surrounding yourself with “altars” that remind you of the spiritual journey you’ve been given. It could a photo, a drawing, a Bible, special gift, letter, or countless other things. Then allow these reminders to encourage your faith.

Also look for those circumstances where you have seen God’s power revealed and share them this Sunday.
This week we explore the second part of our series, God’s Covenant with Abraham. If God promised you the “impossible” could you trust Him? When have you seen God’s power revealed in your life through a certain circumstance? Please Share!

Too often as humans we develop what A.W. Tozer referred to as a “low view of God,” in other words we try to put God in a box and limit what is possible by Him.

This week try and to write out some areas in your life where you have a “low view” of God. This week, commit those struggles to God and ask him to help change these specific thoughts. Also seek out people in our congregation with whom you can connect regarding your struggles while at the same time you can help with theirs.

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