Carl Benge


(319) 572-5456

Pastor Carl Benge has been with the Southeast Louisa County Parish since July 2016.  Pastor Carl was not always called to a life of ministry. In fact, he attended college at the University of Dubuque and received a B.A. in History. His plans were to be a History teacher.However, God had other plans for him. He was feeling a tugging on his shirt strings and initially “blew off” this tug because he “I felt that it would not be for me.” However, after reading an article from Bishop Palmer in 2001 he could no longer ignore the tugging and has been living his life for the Lord since.

Pastor Carl is originally from Van Buren County right here in Southeast Iowa and has fond memories of help his father with his race car and going to local race tracks. He met his wife Luann while they were working for an online Christian company that sold books and had forums where Christians could talk to each other regarding the Bible and other books. They like to tell people that we met “on-line” before it was cool.  Together, they have two daughters, ages 11 and 9.  Pastor Carl has one other daughter who resides in Ames that is 19-years-old.

Pastor Carl has served throughout the state, including communities such as Richland, Nemaha and Varina.  He truly enjoys history and even likes to participate in civil war reenactments. He also enjoys contemporary Christian music and movies.

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